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About us

As is often the case, Authentik Agency is the result of an encounter… First, there was my encounter with Obernai, where it all began. I arrived in the Vosges at the age of 20, working as a heating engineer. I then integrated the Bas-Rhin departmental Fire and Rescue Service as a professional firefighter. Obernai was enjoying a period of growth thanks to its tourist attractivity, the wine trail, and the particular charm of the colourful timber-framed houses that bring so much vibrancy to all of Alsace. If you raise your eyes to the west, you can see Mount St Odile, watching over Obernai benevolently. I have retained the crazy, inspiring energy of this town, with its heart that beats loudly, and which carries you along with it. I fell head over heels with the place! The town and all its surrounding villages, such as Bernardswiller, Goxwiller, Gertwiller, Barr, Ottrott, Saint-Nabor, Bœrsch, Klingenthal, *Mittelbergheim (*classed most beautiful village in France), Heiligenstein, Zellwiller, Bourgheim, Valff, Niedernai, *Krautergersheim (*sauerkraut capital of the region), Meistratzheim, Bischoffsheim and Rosheim, as well as all the streets named after birds that it took me quite a while to learn how to pronounce! My life was there, and it was at this period that I started working as a commercial agent for a real estate agency in Molsheim. Deep down, the desire to become an “entrepreneur” was developing, along with the desire to live a great adventure and bring it to life in my own way. I thus created Authentik Agency – the name being a nod to authenticity, the folly of beautiful properties for the well-being of families. Within a few years, I had become the go-to person in the real estate sector. “Selling luxury properties of great character has become a passion, and the happy new owners have become friends.”

Cyril Grandpré
Director of Authentik Agency

I am honest, respectful, good-humoured, hard-working, and committed. I am profoundly human, and I have a good ear for listening. I will accompany you conscientiously and professionally as we work towards the completion of your project. My real estate expertise in the heart of the Piémont des Vosges region, along with my technical skills in building, are additional tools to better guide and satisfy you. As a former professional firefighter, I always place people at the heart of a relationship. You will be the key player in your project, taking advantage of personalised support.

Léo Fischer
Real estate consultant

My name is Léo. I have lived in the Molsheim area since I was very young, and this has allowed me to become totally familiar with this beautiful region and its rich, cultural heritage. I have been a real estate specialist for 4 years, and I will support you, whether you are buying or selling, until your project is complete. I am dynamic, jovial, and professional, the keywords for the journey we will take together. If you want to take advantage of local expertise and personalised advice, contact me!

Our profession

Authentik Agency is an estate agency that specialises in the sale of properties of character. We set our hearts on finding the perfect property, the one that will make your family’s project a real success. For Authentik Agency, real luxury means the French lifestyle. From stylish town houses to vineyards, homes full of charm, and flats full of cachet, as well as new builds… Discover all our properties for sale. Authentik Agency will take care of everything and will find the property that suits you best. Choosing Authentik Agency is choosing to establish a genuine partnership that will make all your real estate dreams come true.


Our values

A good ear, trust, and know-how

We can summarise our values as follows: a good ear, trust, and know-how. Authentik Agency has a strong identity that cultivates the art of living. We guarantee each of our clients personalised support. For projects to become reality, it is essential that we establish a genuine alliance with our clients. We are very good at listening, and, above all, we are available. This is how we see a real partnership developing. Authentik Agency also promotes the values of sharing, exchanging, and conviviality, taking into account the differences and desires of everyone.


We are driven by seeing our clients thriving and happy.

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